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Music composition to music instruction
Equipment rental to studio selection
Specialty talent to artistic management
Creative photography to event production

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Talent Management

Newfangled Music understands the extreme difficulty in trying to find great management! Because of a forever-changing industry and the immense personal sacrifices surviving growing years, bands and acts constantly search for that great manager or management company to get behind. Newfangled Music has access to top industry management companies seeking unique innovative acts on the up-and-up and ready to motivate to the next level.

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Newfangled Music featuring its top LA team of industry professionals provide access to some of the finest recording studios in the city, ranging from smaller intimate digital rooms to grand state-of-the-art studio complexes boasting selections of prime vintage gear and satisfying the needs of the most demanding music enthusiasts!

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Play Live

Newfangled Music offers a huge selection of entertainment resources enabling choices to a vast array of live performers, specialty acts and musicians performing all kinds of styles and genres. These acts vary in size depending on your personal needs. Our specialty acts perform one particular musical style and are specifically requested for their flavor, character and ambiance they bring to an event!

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